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PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES ______________

The Military Family Relief Fund is a subsidiary under the Corporation known as the Maryland National Guard Association Non-Profit, Inc. The Corporation is formed exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding sections in any future tax code. The purposes included, without limitations:

1.  To foster and encourage an enlightened public appreciation of the contributions of the Maryland Militia and the Maryland National Guard.

2.  To preserve and disseminate the history and heritage of the Maryland National Guard and to educate members of the National Guard and the public.

3.  To provide relief and emergency assistance to disabled or needy members of the Maryland National Guard.

4.  To aid and assist in the building and maintenance of public monuments or works commemorating the history and heritage of the Maryland National Guard.

5.  To provide funds for scholarships to members of the Maryland National Guard and their dependents.

6.  To carry on programs to perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the Maryland National Guard and to comfort their survivors.

7.  To sponsor or participate in activities of a social and/or patriotic nature to encourage active involvement in the Maryland National Guard by young men and women throughout this State.

8. To support programs that serve military youth, young adults, families, schools and communities throughout the State of Maryland.

9. To support unit morale activities that include family support events, pre-deployment and post deployment ceremonies.

10. To collect, raise and collect donations, contributions and gifts to support and accomplish the above listed purposes.